katharine hearts dorothy parker

my mother and i both enjoy the writings of Dorothy Parker. recently, i decided to use some leftover Speedball stamp kit to carve a DP stamp. using this photo as a guide, i traced it onto tracing paper, transfered the tracing onto the block and carved away the negative space.

i made this collage for my mom using some purple tissue paper, grosgrain ribbon, and violet design elements from notecards she’d sent to me years ago when it was still reasonable to use the postal service. just as i have martini collection (and argyle and moose and typewriters and Vespas and Mini Coopers and a certain greedy little black duck), my mother has amassed numerous violet items. the poem on the collage is from Dorothy Parker’s Sweet Violets.

i’m toying with the idea of using the stamp on notecards and other things that Parker afficiandos might use and enjoy. fancy plans, fancy plans.

katharine hearts martinis

in my fantasy world, i live in a mid-20th century era bachelor pad with the sofa with a control panel for the rest of the apartment, a fantastic view of the city, and the wall that spins from library to bar. my shirtless houseboy would tend bar during my intimate soirees with my closest friends. i’d also have a limo with a hot tub in the back like in Phil Collins’ video Take Me Home (but more bubbly). and in all of these places, i’d never be without a martini glass in hand.

for now, i settle for my martini glass collection. the boyfriend was clever enough (as usual) to track down glass shelves for our small windows that now house my collection.

great. now i’m thirsty.

as a side note, this entry further cements my love of the internet (or maybe just youtube). i’ve told countless people about the limo with the tub and they looked at me like i was nuts. my sanity may indeed be questionable, but it did exist. so there.

katharine hearts typewriters

that kerthunk you just heard was my jaw clattering onto the floor (and the fwishing sound is my cat linnell batting it around on the floor).


among my many collections, i have several typewriter tchotckes. we don’t have the room for the real ones (but if we did…). this is a great replica and it’s made of felt! all i can make from felt is the occasional pouch for eyewear. [link {via Craft)]

katharine hearts peppermint

peppermint as a fragrance and as a flavour, relegated to feet, mouths and winter holidays. it’s one of my favourite scents and flavours. for my birthday, i obtained many minty items for my insides and outsides.

i tried the Snow beverage from SuperTarget, but was disappointed with the effect. i was expecting something like Metromint, which is a refreshing treat for the mouth, but was met with a flavour that was too subtle and didn’t work at room temperature or fresh from the fridge.

i’m in love with the Mentha Body Buffer from C.O. Bigelow. it has a strong mint scent and a slight tingle that cools rather than burns (which i’ve encountered in mint hair/body products in the past). if i’d had any more room in my luggage, i would’ve picked up some Empowermint by Philosophy. most of Philosophy’s products are saliva-inducing because they smell so much like the foods/flavours on the packaging.

and, of course, i have tons of peppermint lotion, gels, sprays, mousse, and scrubs for feet. not because i’m obsessed with footcare, but because people who know i like peppermint give me these products for birthdays and other gift-giving holidays. i wish i had more feet.

the lotions and creams and such will satisfy my peppermint hankerings for a while, but i still wish i could get peppermint stick ice cream year-round. damn you, Howard Johnson’s, for getting me hooked! oh well, at least i have the memories. and Peppermint Schnapps.

katharine strongly dislikes damp basements

a few years ago, i found these tile boards at Michaels and bought up a dozen or so over the course of two years. i decoupaged some WHiRR artwork on them and they looked pretty nice. i used them for display at my Fringe tent last year and at my art showing at Austins Coffee last fall. now, after being stored in a damp basement, many of them are looking pretty bad. the boards themselves have not molded or warped, but the artwork is peeling away. a future project will be to redo them all and find some heavy duty shellac or resin to coat the surfaces.

here are some pre-basement shots.

katharine hearts birthdays

on monday, i start another year of my life. we’re in the midst of celebrating with trips around town and shopping and eating adventures. blogging will be spotty until i return next week.

one thing i’m seriously lacking is real peppermint stick ice cream. it’s a wonderful, refreshing treat that should be offered year-round, not just by Edy’s. and simply putting peppermint candies in vanilla ice cream just makes feet-flavoured ice cream. it’s not the same.

katharine hearts paint chips

everytime i visit a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s or Rona, i always poke around the paint centre and pick up a handful of paint chips. occasionally i’ll have grand ideas for them, but never get around to realizing them. last week, i finally put one project in motion.

i created a mirror using 1″ square mirror tiles, an 8″x10″ canvas board, and 6-8 paint chips. four 1″ “tiles” can be cut from one standard square paint chip card. i painted the canvas board black, then glued the tiles. the hardest thing was getting the spacing right for the first couple of rows. the mirror is a little fun house-y, but i think it would work in a space where light reflection is a higher priority than teeth inspection. the whole project was under $5. i haven’t attached anything to the back for hanging yet. i suspect gluing a simple sawtooth hook on the back would work or some small magnets for kitchen/locker use.

six paint chips down, 1100 more to go.