katharine hearts books: stylepedia

for several years, the closest thing to a library in my life was the Virgin Megastore in tourist country. now that i live in a neighbourhood with an actual library, i’ve started reading again. many of the books in my queue are design books. i recently returned to school for advertising and graphic design, so i find myself drawn to books about design, typography, colour, and everything in between.

my most recent find is Stylepedia by Louise Fill and Steven Heller (who’s worked on every other book about design in the last 15 years or so). it’s an encyclopedia of design covering the different design eras, movements, magazines, and people. it seems rather handy for looking up names and eras. if it were smaller, i’d carry it around to school and dinner parties. (a bonus is that one of the entries is Boris Artzybasheff, one of my favourite illustrators—possibly because he’s a bit obscure these days).


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