katharine hearts argyle

between the two of us, my boyfriend and i own five apple computers. three of them are mine. and two of them are laptops. my second laptop was purchased out of perceived necessity. my first laptop is an indigo clamshell from the early aughts. i’m in love with it, but it’s old and slow and the battery no longer holds a charge and it seemed cheaper to get a replacement. the clamshell is my “at home” laptop and the other is my “on the town” laptop (and is currently just my “long distance travel” laptop as i don’t haul it to school or anywhere else). because damn near everyone and their cousin has a white apple laptop, i decided to personalize mine.

anyone who has met me or seen me on the street is aware of my love for (or addiction to) argyle. when i did a search for pre-made argyle skins, nothing came up. being ever the diy gal that i am, i made one of my own for cheap. all it took was some creativity, sticker paper, and laminate. it’s not perfect, but in the few times i’ve taken my computer out in public, it’s garnered many compliments.

argyle skin

i created the pattern from scratch in photoshop, then printed on 8 1/2″x11″ sticker paper. i stuck the paper on the top and carved the apple out with my trusty x-acto knife and pressed the laminate (the sticky kind, not the heat activated kind) on top. the bump is the unattractive security thing stuck on by the company where i bought the used laptop. now when i’m trying to stuff my belongings back in my bag after going through airport security, i know which laptop is mine.


2 thoughts on “katharine hearts argyle

  1. that’s awesome, kat! i’m too partial to the clean, sterile-style of the classic white of my macbook, myself… but that’s very very chique!

  2. This is great! I’ve been looking for an argyle skin too. I don’t suppose you’d send me your pattern? It’s exactly what I’m looking for, but can’t seem to find…

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