katharine hearts television: mad men

are you watching Mad Men? i’ve started watching it for “research purposes.” it’s set in the 1960s (my favourite decade) world of advertising. but i suspect that just as Saved By the Bell and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose gave me unrealistic expectations about high school, Mad Men is not an accurate portrayal of ad agencies. i won’t be sitting on a plush sofa sipping martinis in an office overlooking the lake.


on an episode a couple of weeks ago, they discussed the VW ads and i was able to name drop Helmut Krone to my boyfriend while we were watching. i’m getting something out of my education.

the show is entertaining, but i’m not sure how i feel about the trivia bits and the commercials. AMC is one of those channels that should be a respite from advertisements. (they should also have closed captioning on all their films for the hearing impaired, but that’s a rant for another day.) the trivia and ads pull me out of the show. if they were running ads from the period, it might not be so jarring. someone get on that for me, would ya?


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