katharine hearts argyle part two

i can already see that i’m going to have to limit my argyle posts to once a week. one day i may accept other patterns into my heart, but for now i’m the argyle avenger (woosh!).

before we made our Big Move, i decided that the cats needed to be collared and tagged. the three of them are inside cats, but when you’re making a Big Move that requires lugging cages in and out of a van over the course of three days, it’s better to be safe and stick some sort of identification ’round their necks in case they get lost or dart off. we managed to get them moved, but my two beasts decided to break my heart temporarily by disappearing…into the back of the refrigerator as it turned out. but this entry isn’t about cats (well, not entirely.). it’s about crafting.

being that i love argyle, i have a box full of argyle ribbon from the time that Michaels had a bin full of various grosgrain ribbons for $1 each and there were 40 bajillion colour combinations of argyle. so, when i saw these collars by lindsay designs, i knew i needed to make my own (sorry, lindsay). i bought nylon webbing, breakaway buckles, and adjusters and got to work. the ribbon was affixed to the webbing with fusible bonding. instead of a bell, i attached their i.d. tags.

three collars for three cats. (the blue one in the center didn’t hold up well with the bonding, so it’s been replaced with a brown and blue ribbon, similar to the lindsay designs collar.)

here’s vespa modeling hers:

beyond the first night of crazy “omg! what’s this on my neck? getitoffgetitoff!” scrambling and scratching, the cats have been wearing them for eight months with minimal complaints.


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