katharine hearts paint chips

everytime i visit a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s or Rona, i always poke around the paint centre and pick up a handful of paint chips. occasionally i’ll have grand ideas for them, but never get around to realizing them. last week, i finally put one project in motion.

i created a mirror using 1″ square mirror tiles, an 8″x10″ canvas board, and 6-8 paint chips. four 1″ “tiles” can be cut from one standard square paint chip card. i painted the canvas board black, then glued the tiles. the hardest thing was getting the spacing right for the first couple of rows. the mirror is a little fun house-y, but i think it would work in a space where light reflection is a higher priority than teeth inspection. the whole project was under $5. i haven’t attached anything to the back for hanging yet. i suspect gluing a simple sawtooth hook on the back would work or some small magnets for kitchen/locker use.

six paint chips down, 1100 more to go.


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