katharine hearts peppermint

peppermint as a fragrance and as a flavour, relegated to feet, mouths and winter holidays. it’s one of my favourite scents and flavours. for my birthday, i obtained many minty items for my insides and outsides.

i tried the Snow beverage from SuperTarget, but was disappointed with the effect. i was expecting something like Metromint, which is a refreshing treat for the mouth, but was met with a flavour that was too subtle and didn’t work at room temperature or fresh from the fridge.

i’m in love with the Mentha Body Buffer from C.O. Bigelow. it has a strong mint scent and a slight tingle that cools rather than burns (which i’ve encountered in mint hair/body products in the past). if i’d had any more room in my luggage, i would’ve picked up some Empowermint by Philosophy. most of Philosophy’s products are saliva-inducing because they smell so much like the foods/flavours on the packaging.

and, of course, i have tons of peppermint lotion, gels, sprays, mousse, and scrubs for feet. not because i’m obsessed with footcare, but because people who know i like peppermint give me these products for birthdays and other gift-giving holidays. i wish i had more feet.

the lotions and creams and such will satisfy my peppermint hankerings for a while, but i still wish i could get peppermint stick ice cream year-round. damn you, Howard Johnson’s, for getting me hooked! oh well, at least i have the memories. and Peppermint Schnapps.


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