katharine hearts martinis

in my fantasy world, i live in a mid-20th century era bachelor pad with the sofa with a control panel for the rest of the apartment, a fantastic view of the city, and the wall that spins from library to bar. my shirtless houseboy would tend bar during my intimate soirees with my closest friends. i’d also have a limo with a hot tub in the back like in Phil Collins’ video Take Me Home (but more bubbly). and in all of these places, i’d never be without a martini glass in hand.

for now, i settle for my martini glass collection. the boyfriend was clever enough (as usual) to track down glass shelves for our small windows that now house my collection.

great. now i’m thirsty.

as a side note, this entry further cements my love of the internet (or maybe just youtube). i’ve told countless people about the limo with the tub and they looked at me like i was nuts. my sanity may indeed be questionable, but it did exist. so there.


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