katharine hearts self-promotion (not really)

inspired by my logo, i set to work on my new professional website. there are some minor tweaks to make and server woes may not be over yet, but there’s something somewhere.

the art of self-promotion is something i’ve not yet mastered. i’d start a whispering campaign, but i don’t have a trenchcoat or a kitchen full of mouthy rats.

katharine hearts book covers

as you know, i’ve been having a love affair with the library for a few months now. my selections have alternated between design reference (the ones that actually can be checked out) and novels. lately i’ve been catching up on Tom Robbins (such colourful language use), Cory Doctorow (the two novels i’ve read were too similar in character development and focus), and Douglas Coupland (sometimes hits too close to home and leaves me depressed). hooray for fiction!

a few months ago, i took out Chip Kidd‘s design retrospective. i’d read his novel The Cheese Monkeys several years ago and a few months ago for school. Chip Kidd: Book One covers his first 20 years as a book jacket designer and includes some process work and letters from authors he’s worked with. i found myself drawn to a few of his covers, but it was less the design than the photograph/illustration–some of which were outsourced. is that a good sign of art direction or a distraction? whichever, i became fascinated (for a few minutes, at least) with Thomas Allen’s pulp cover cut-outs.

if you’re a fan of cover art, Covers is a neat site to explore different designs without raising eyebrows of the bookstore workers. the bookshelves are pretty cool, too.

katharine hearts books

a school chum and i headed over to the library today to peruse the design literature. i can spend several hours flipping through the books just in that one row…design, crafts, food, weather vanes…it’s all there!

here are some things of interest that snagged my eye (it was my favourite eye, too):

Clipper CS-1 cockpit workstation (that would be one way to keep the cats from chewing the cords)

Bill Lishman’s rocker (the one i saw was all chrome and looked much swankier…if you explore the rest of the site, you’ll see some other neat modern furniture)

both of those designs were in Design in Canada.

Glasgow School of Art library (quicktime movie link) designed by C.R. Mackintosh.

Steelcase Q (bringing futuristic bumper cars to the workplace)

i also flipped through The Greatest Album Covers of All Time…umm…if by “greatest” you mean “here are some album covers that exist” and by “all time” you mean “1950-2003.” meh. you’re better off spending your time looking at bad album covers. through that site, i also found old Archie comic book covers. Jughead is alternately snobbish and frightening in the early days.

my head is swirling from the design overload.

katharine hearts research (and being cryptic)

i’ve been doing quite a bit of digging around on the internet for information regarding one of my favourite topics. i can’t divulge too much until i see the direction my project is headed, but it involves Sir Walter Scott, the Prince of Wales, and golfing.

i have a number of projects in the works at the moment, some involve updating my web presence and some require me to dust off some of my dormant skills (talents, whatever). there are several craft projects i need to photograph.

while you’re waiting for me to shower you with more thoughts on crafts, design, and shiny things i find on the street, go rent Stranger Than Fiction. it’s the best movie i’ve seen that doesn’t star Dominique Pinon.

katharine hearts kitties (!!!)

it’s no secret that i like cats. they are a constant source of amusement, both on the internet and in my own home. my two kitties have their own brand of silliness that would crack even the most adamant cat-hater.

unfortunately, the cats tend to make fashion choices for me. the seven pairs of black pants in my closet get passed over for jeans. my black winter coat, the one that keeps me warmest, is covered in a thin layer of cat hair. there are certain fabrics that are off-limits: velvet, velour, wool, and leather (not because leather is not cat-friendly, i just can’t pull it off–literally). shoes with straps will turn up with bite marks if not stored away properly. the same for purses with vinyl handles. and no shoelace stands a chance in the presence of Linnell. still, i’d rather go naked than be without my silly beasts. so if you see a naked lady walking down the street, picking cat hair out of her navel…think of me.