katharine hearts organization pt. 2

between the two of us, my boyfriend and i have two cell phones, a PDA, rechargeable camera batteries, two cameras, two ipods, two laptops, an electric razor, and a tendency to misplace such things. after seeing various recharging stations on Boing Boing, CRAFT, and other crafty blogs, i suggested to my beloved that we have something similar.

he took it a few steps further and built a recharging and dumping station near our front door. using pieces of pine and plywood, he built the piece with five cubby holes, a shelf for electronics with holes for the cords to fit through, two hooks for keys on the front, and a hook on either side for purses/umbrellas/dangly things for the cats to play with, and an upper shelf for mail. he attached a couple of small mailboxes i decorated a few months prior so that we could leave notes for each other.

there is space in the back for the surge protector and the cords to all our rechargeable devices. this allows us to empty our pockets and plug in our devices without worrying that the cats will gnaw on the cords and it gives us a central place for easily misplaced items (wallet, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, etc.)

my boyfriend doesn’t quite have the passion for DIY that i do, but he’s a decent craftsman when he needs to be.


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