katharine feels a breeze

a few years ago, a friend introduced me to Lileks.com, a site chock full of mid-century art and design. i was going through my Anne Taintor/pin-up phase and through Lileks, we discovered Art Frahm. his paintings involving grocery parcel and faulty elastic are hilarious and implausible. but who amongst us has not worried for their undergarments while toting heavy bags home from a long day of shopping?


inspired by mr. frahm, i put together my costume for a Halloween party last year.


simply posing with one’s underpants is easy, walking around a party is another matter. using clear elastic, i attached the fallen “panties” to my secured undergarments (i’m no celebutante). then i could teeter around with ease.

if this entry hasn’t fulfilled your monthly quota of dropped drawers, try reading Steve Martin’s The Underpants.


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