katharine hearts food, information, and some combination of the two

until seven or eight years ago, i wasn’t entirely adventurous food-wise. i don’t come from a rich cultural background and my family has never been risk takers in matters of the tastebuds. i also have a mild nut allergy. so, when i’m out at a restaurant, i like to be able to take time with a menu and see what ingredients are used in different dishes. i’m finding more and more in my food excursions around my new town, it’s rare to find a menu with information (ingredients, prices, clever names, etc.). well, mostly in independently-owned counter service eateries. i’d rather not have to support chain restaurants every time i dine solo, but i apparently need to dine at places with marketing budgets large enough to accommodate printing for take-out menus or one big board near the front of the establishment, so that i’m not halfway to the register before determining whether i can actually eat anything there.somewhere along the way, this turns into a rant about how “invisible disabilities” need to be taken just as seriously as visible ones. because the argument is that i could ask someone about a particular dish. except that life is not captioned at all and my ears, they not work so good sometimes.

what it all boils down to is money–a lot of small businesses can’t afford marketing materials and no amount of fist-shaking is going to change the budget (and my pocketbook doesn’t afford me the opportunity to have surgery that would perfect my hearing. or my sight. or any other sense that might be slightly off).

life would be so much easier if i just stayed home and had a peanut butter and banana sandwich.


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