katharine hearts vintage advertising (and eye patches)


even before i decided to pursue advertising behind the scenes, i liked to look at vintage advertising and commercials. many sunday afternoons and thursday evenings were spent browsing bookstores and thumbing through pop culture books from Taschen. my friends and i would giggle at the really bad artwork and find innuendos in the copy. it was in The Golden Age of Advertising-the 70s, that i discovered the Hathaway eye patch man (clad in bowtie and plaid shirt and holding a trumpet…swoon!).

since people look at me funny when i start snickering in the bookstores alone, i’ve taken to looking at Vintage Ads on livejournal. the ads range from hilarious to beautiful to bizarre. there’s also oodles of vintage ad photos on Flickr, but i’m too lazy to link (and if i go searching for it, i’ll get sucked into looking at all the ads and never return to this post).

if my significant other were still working in a certain place in a certain outfit, i’d have tried to convince him to wear an eye patch. i’d settle for a photo of someone else in the outfit and eye patch. get on that for me, would ya?


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