katharine hearts creativity

i have no room in my home for plushies and my niece has entered tweenage, but i have a soft spot for monster factory. i saw their website a few years ago and now i see them at almost every big art/craft show i attend. i like the substitutes and dr. bog.

today, my companion and i took a tour around the OASS in Trinity Bellwoods Park (part of the Queen West Art Crawl). it was a real mix of innovation and knock-offs. there are some things that one sees at every craft fair. and, as with most outdoor art & craft festivals, it was heavier on the art side. and most of the crafts were jewelry, purses, and hats–all worthy items and some showed great craftswomanship–a lot of things that are never on my WHiRR tables.

sometime soon, i need to update my online shop with new (non-robot) goodies. i’ve been experimenting with felt and foil tape (not in the same projects). i still have a few more products in the planning stages, but hopefully i’ll have things up in time for the holiday rush.

now i have to go peek at my Sampler box that arrived today.


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