katharine hearts organization pt. 3

since moving and returning to school, my craft tools and supplies have been in such a state of disarray and misorganization. sure, i tried pecking here and there to get things orderly. i have a bunch of nice boxes to keep most of the junk hidden, but items still sneak out and make piles. so, i’ve taken on the task of organizing everything down to the tiniest notion (well, maybe not that far) so that i may continue crafting efficiently and pile-free. this is taking darn near forever. but i’m discovering tools i’d forgotten. hey, a shrinky dink machine! a sticker maker! ooh, spirograph!

if you’re a crafter or any kind of creative person, you can imagine how distracting it can be to sort supplies with your mind racing through all the future projects. and then, do you organize the supplies by possible project or keep them separated in their original categories?

maybe if i had this tool storage thingy by Craftsman (minus the tools), i’d be more inclined to keep my supplies corralled.

anyhow, the organization process is limiting my computer time and blog updates.


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