katharine hearts kitties (!!!)

it’s no secret that i like cats. they are a constant source of amusement, both on the internet and in my own home. my two kitties have their own brand of silliness that would crack even the most adamant cat-hater.

unfortunately, the cats tend to make fashion choices for me. the seven pairs of black pants in my closet get passed over for jeans. my black winter coat, the one that keeps me warmest, is covered in a thin layer of cat hair. there are certain fabrics that are off-limits: velvet, velour, wool, and leather (not because leather is not cat-friendly, i just can’t pull it off–literally). shoes with straps will turn up with bite marks if not stored away properly. the same for purses with vinyl handles. and no shoelace stands a chance in the presence of Linnell. still, i’d rather go naked than be without my silly beasts. so if you see a naked lady walking down the street, picking cat hair out of her navel…think of me.


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