katharine hearts book covers

as you know, i’ve been having a love affair with the library for a few months now. my selections have alternated between design reference (the ones that actually can be checked out) and novels. lately i’ve been catching up on Tom Robbins (such colourful language use), Cory Doctorow (the two novels i’ve read were too similar in character development and focus), and Douglas Coupland (sometimes hits too close to home and leaves me depressed). hooray for fiction!

a few months ago, i took out Chip Kidd‘s design retrospective. i’d read his novel The Cheese Monkeys several years ago and a few months ago for school. Chip Kidd: Book One covers his first 20 years as a book jacket designer and includes some process work and letters from authors he’s worked with. i found myself drawn to a few of his covers, but it was less the design than the photograph/illustration–some of which were outsourced. is that a good sign of art direction or a distraction? whichever, i became fascinated (for a few minutes, at least) with Thomas Allen’s pulp cover cut-outs.

if you’re a fan of cover art, Covers is a neat site to explore different designs without raising eyebrows of the bookstore workers. the bookshelves are pretty cool, too.


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