katharine hearts handmade goods

by now, everyone’s heard of Etsy, right? it’s the mega shopping site for handmade goods. it’s like wandering around a giant craft fair without a bored boyfriend in tow.

sometimes i like to browse and look for potential gifts for myself and loved ones. in the past, during the beta testing, the selection for my obsessions and my family’s collections were paltry. now the selection is much more impressive. so much argyle!

this blue argyle hoodie is something that i would wear until it rotted off of me. i would also gladly eat my raisin bran from these bowls. if i were to host a dinner party, this would be my invitation, we’d sip from similar martini glasses, and set them on these coasters.

the up side about Etsy is that it’s one-stop shopping for original, sometimes one of a kind gifts. the down side is that it is not one-stop purchasing/shipping. if you’re making purchases from multiple sellers, the shipping costs can really add up.


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