katharine hearts colours

while looking for games to put on my argyle laptop, i happened upon a new tool that is sure to be my best friend forever (until i forget about it). Pipette is a eye dropper application that you can use to select pixel colours and get their hex value.

Pipette is a handy utility for digital artists and web designers. It allows you to quickly and easily grab the colour of any pixel on the screen and copy it in hex format, as used in CSS files, or in paint programs, such as Adobe Photoshop.

i imagine this would come in handy for web design or colour matching logos and such (especially if you’re a designer taking over a project from a long-forgotten or MIA designer). this is one tool i’d turn cyborg for.

and although i haven’t tried it out myself, i think Colourlovers will be helpful inspiration for those projects requiring fresh and hip colour palettes.


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