katharine hearts home renovation

i owe you posts about road trips, things i didn’t get to do on road trips (Hobo Railroad?!), the TTC tour, and news about other projects I’m working on. i still need time to collect my thoughts and photos. for now, please enjoy my new bathroom.

when we moved into our new home, it was not quite move-in condition. the office was pale yellow, the bedroom mocha, and the hallway had three layers of wallpaper peeling off. and the bathroom, while not quite as horrible as some (seriously Toronto, what’s the deal with all the pink bathrooms?), it needed some work. the worst was the radiator. it’s difficult to feel fresh and clean while looking at a rusty rad.

within our first month, the office and bedroom were painted and we added a cabinet to the bathroom. i convinced the man of the house to paint the bathroom rad once the weather warmed up. and finally, just last week, i was able to paint the majority of the bathroom walls.


the ceiling remains aqua out of necessity rather than design. it is out of my reach, literally. but overall, the bathroom looks cleaner and complements the cat that lives in the sink.


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