KaLeASLMo (katharine learns american sign language month)

here we are in November, the month to hurry up and do all those things you were going to do starting in January. so if you were going to write that novel, become a better blogger, record your solo album, adopt a brood to rival Brangelina, develop diabetes, knit a sweater, write a play, or develop your own cutesy-named challenge, this is the time to do it.

personally, i’m not ambitious enough to take on challenges for things i never intended to do in the first place (i’ve already penned several plays). but i have set the challenge for myself to learn American sign language (ASL) in the month of November. i’ve cheated by starting on this project last month, but i endeavor to complete the mission by the end of this month. or the end of this year. or by 2010 (which still sounds like a futuristic time, but isn’t really). in any case, eventually i will have something to do with my hands during conversations besides quotation bunnies, jazz hands, and aggressive double finger pointing.

i already know the universal sign for emus in a nightclub. do you?

One thought on “KaLeASLMo (katharine learns american sign language month)

  1. So, how much do you know? Do you know the sign for “May I be excused?” My two year old does, not that she uses it very often now that she is almost three.

    Good luck. I cannot imagine learning any language in a month unless I went somewhere where no one would communicate with me except in that language.

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