katharine hearts road trips pt. 1

one of my favourite kinds of vacations is the road trip. on the road you can see all sorts of stuff that you can’t see from a plane. i like to look at business signs and church signs. on my most recent road trip, we didn’t get many church messages (maybe it’s a Southern thing?), but there were many business names that provided much amusement.

here are just a few that i thought to write down:

Noise “R” Us – fireworks store
Best Subs Known to Mankind – sandwich shop in New Hampshire
Bowl Winkle – bowling alley in Lake Placid (my next holiday destination)
Thirsty Moose Pub & Grub
Faust Motel
Wicked Good Pizza – pizza place in Ludlow, VT
Hot Oven Grinders (the name of my new band) – pizza and sandwich shop in Lowell, MA
Sir Lady Electrolysis

i like all of the odd roadside discoveries you can make on road trips. Spongeorama remains at the top of the all-time best attraction in my book. i need the movie, warped sound and all.  my love for road trips became a theme for a project i did for a class earlier this year. i did a redesign of John Linnell’s State Songs.



more about the trip and sights at a later date.


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