katharine hearts backgrounds

when i was still in the single digits, my whole family went to see The Jungle Book in the movie theatre. i remember watching it and being blown away by the background illustrations. combined with sitting with both my parents and eating popcorn for the first time, it was the best day ever. shortly after, i was given a book with art from the movie and i pored over the thing until it fell apart.


a guy named Rob Richards has a blog full of background composites from various Disney films. my particular favourites are The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmatians (even though I never cared for the movie itself), and A Symposium on Popular Songs.

but i don’t love them quite as much as Toot Whistle Plunk & Boom, which is my favourite Disney short (second being Lambert, The Sheepish Lion…even more so now that i live with a Lambert and a sheep kitty).


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