katharine has a new etsy shop

just in time for the holidays, i’ve opened a new shop on Etsy. while i take time to overhaul the Blissfully Bitter website and determine the fate of WHiRR and Boris, i’m offering non-robot goods to the general public.

i’m fairly certain WHiRR will survive in some capacity, but it’s taken quite a hit over the past year with school and its insane demand on my time and creative energy. my fancy plans to continue the web comic were dashed within mere days of my re-entry into higher learning. momentum was lost by the time my break rolled around. and being short of manpower, i haven’t signed up to schlep my wares around town during the holiday season (which will make my pocketbook weep). once i redesign and relaunch Blissfully Bitter’s site, WHiRR will just be one category rather than the whole focus.

if you’ve seen any of the crafts i’ve posted here over the past months and said “Man, I need to own that, but I’m too lazy/unskilled to make it myself,” this is the time to be heard and make your requests for the online store or private commissions.

at the time of this writing, my new shop only has my prints and a couple of felt pouches, but i’ll be adding more in the coming days. like dorothy parker martini IDs, eric von zipper valentines cards, and childfree- and martini-themed items.


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