katharine hearts crafting

my left knee is angry with me. it has squashed my dreams of becoming a double dutch champion and world-class hoofer. it also frowns on my taking strolls around the neighbourhood, walking around the house, or standing for extended periods of time. thus, i am spending lots of time on teh internets and crafting. over the last week or so, i’ve put together several presents for family and friends (which i cannot reveal for another month), turned my Eric Von Zipper card dream into a card reality, and made a few things for myself.

Eric Von Zipper:

Scarf-Hoodie (inspired by this Scoodie tutorial):

Moustache on a stick:

i cannot explain the moustache on a stick except that it came to me while i was falling asleep and it makes me giggle. and it is not inspired by Jeff Dunham and his jalepeno on a stick.

if that’s not crafty enough for you, here’s a memo board i made last year.

before it became my desk side home for silly pictures and important items, it was a 10″x14″ frame, a swatch of blue vinyl, and a spool and brown and blue argyle ribbon. the ribbon is glued down in a few spots to hold things in place.


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