katharine does not heart lazy design

trying to come up with original creative is a challenge these days. so much design is available to the public in books, magazines, television, internet, and t-shirts. it’s hard to not be influenced by someone else’s work. my own designs and art are heavily influenced by Shag, Exploding Dog, and my boyfriend.  a Monkees CD cover design i created for a class last year was a blatant rip off of their video set.

when we were headed out of town for our New England road trip, I saw a logo for a car wash that looked suspiciously similar to my favourite doughnut chain. I tried to snap a photo, but my camera takes drunken pictures these days. thankfully, the site you thought we wouldn’t notice has the comparison of the Keele Car Wash and Krispy Kreme. the site is a good reminder for designers and hacks that it doesn’t matter how small or unknown the design(er) is that you’re ripping off, someone somewhere is going to notice.


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