katharine hearts peppermint pt.2

’tis the season to be minty. why peppermint tastiness is reserved for the winter is beyond me. there are so many other flavours that are more weather-appropriate. cinnamon and pine and all those warm fuzzy sensory activators. mint should be a solid summer staple. peppermint items should be delivered to my doorstep year-round by admirers.

i’ve shared my love for the C.O. Bigelow line of peppermint items, which are still delightful and provide an invigorating jolt to my nose hairs and skin. i’m also in love with Philosophy’s Empowermint, though i’ve yet to obtain any of those products. i’m currently working my way through the C.O. Bigelows and Philosophy’s Candy Cane body wash. at our sink, we have a dispenser of Common Sense Farm Fresh Mint (which smells like mouth wash but doesn’t have the sting of mouth wash). if i could have peppermint emanate out of my pores on an hourly basis, i would need to be physically restrained from smelling myself in public.

on the ice cream front, i am severely disappointed in my options. you absolutely cannot just add cheap peppermint candies to vanilla ice cream and call it peppermint ice cream. eating that is similar to rubbing peppermint lotion on your feet, then proceeding to bite your toenails. at least then you’re being productive.

similarly, i’m underwhelmed by the Hershey’s candy cane kisses. the white chocolate and peppermint combo doesn’t work for me. but i like my peppermint flavour to be pure and not obscured by other flavours. the Andes Peppermint Crunch is quite delightful as it retains the melty texture of a chocolate candy piece but is full of rich minty goodness. 

last night, i attempted to make this Icebox Peppermint Yule Log Cake. it turned out as a yule slab, then yule mush. my talents do not extend to the kitchen.

if someone wanted to give me specially made peppermint candies with an argyle pattern on them and packaged in a martini glass, i would gladly make that person my new best friend.


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