katharine hearts making things pt. 2

because my family is afraid of the internet, i think it’s fairly safe for me to post images of things i’ve made for them. and if they have stumbled upon this, then they’ve got plenty of time to practice their surprised faces before Xmas, even though i won’t be around to see them.

i decided to go a more personalized (cheap) route for Christmas this year. i decorated some empty mint tins i’ve had sitting around for a while and made up some glass magnets for my three family members.

my niece is into dolphins now, so i made her some magnets using artwork of a tiled mosaic dolphin and decoupaged the top with a dolphin image i borrowed from the internet (thank you, internet).

my sister has a koala collection that could someday land her on Offbeat America, and now i’ve added to that collection once again. the tin is decoupaged with some sparkly textured paper i found at my neighbourhood craft shop and i added a little 2″x 2″ metal frame to the top. the tin is lined on the outside with black electrical tape (so classy!).

my mother is in love with Brad Paisley and has quite a few purple and/or paisley-patterned items in her possession. naturally, i combined them.

my mother, my sister and i were all born in years of the sheep under the Chinese zodiac, so i made these stuffed sheep and framed them. i haven’t made mine yet because i’m not sure whether to go argyle or black (black argyle maybe?).


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