katharine hearts nostalgia

i just found an old blog of mine hidden somewhere in the internet wayback machine (don’t go Googling it, it will only make you feel old).

in these archives, i found the following amusing (to me, at least) bit of nonsense:

There’s a lampshade hanging on my hat rack as if to suggest that one returned from a party, the kind where people wind up wearing bits of home decor, and simply hung her new hat with no concern to its origin. Perhaps she huffed out of the party without so much as a “Good day, sir” to the host and failed to realize the object remained on her head. Perhaps it was a silly hat party, and being without a red ballcap, she flung a black lampshade atop her head with the hope she’d win the Silliest Hat contest.

Perhaps I should put aside all silly notions and pack the damn thing.

and a quote:

We’re intellectual opposites. I’m intellectual and you’re opposite.- Mae West

maybe next week i’ll invite you over to flip through my old yearbooks and brag about being the editor of my high school’s dinky newspaper (where the advisor’s biggest piece of advice was “people like to see their name in the paper.”).


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