katharine hearts the internet

i spend an awful lot of time looking at neat projects on the internet. and playing boggle on facebook. but mostly looking at projects. so much inspiration and so many things i want to try, my head darn near explodes. join me and see if your head doesn’t explode, too.

cool tiny houses constructed from business cards. a friend of mine had some of his business cards turned into a certain theme park castle and i’m tempted to build my own dream houses from a box of business cards i got a few lifetimes ago.

ffffound image bookmarking is a crapshoot sometimes, but it’s all a matter of style and taste. i’ve f-f-f-found a bit of inspiration after browsing through it one afternoon.

so many clean and simple designs at a little hut. she’s the one i’m most likely to rip off, though inadvertently and definitely not as nicely. i already tried her calendar with very little success.

oh! i also hear that my “official professional website” should be repaired and loading more regularly than in the past.  this should give me some motivation to update it. i’m in the boring process of converting my article PDFs from the old design to the new design, with proper typesetting and whatnot (and still slipping up here and there). hooray for the internet!


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