katharine hearts recycling

it seems like everybody with a creative or DIY bone is coming up with new ways to reuse trash. for a few months, i’ve been stockpiling empty toilet paper rolls because i was sure there was something. i was uninspired until the last issue of ReadyMade with a piece about reusing cardboard tubes. with the intent of making a wreath, i cut up three rolls. after realizing that it was going to take more loops than i cared to cut (i can be quite lazy or impatient), i decided to trade that idea for a different, easier one—napkin rings. i had 12 loops and turned them into three sets of napkin rings. using acrylic craft paint, i painted them all gray on the outside and added a pop of colour to the inner ring. i opted for a minimal modern design for them. to protect the paint (and add a bit of sophistication), i coated the rings with a thin layer of resin.

i may add these to my etsy shop. if you want to make your own, one regular TP roll equals four napkin rings plus a little extra, depending on your cuts.


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