katharine hearts moustaches

in case you’ve been stuck in an elevator, you should know that moustaches are back. men need no longer limit their facial hair patterns to van dykes, goatees, five o’clock shadows, and hobo scruff.

if you’ve got the time and patience, you can grow a beard or moustache to rival those in the World Beard and Moustache Championship. if, like me, you are unable to grow a decent moustache, you might like some of the following items.

Tatty Devine boutique has an Artist’s Moustache necklace (temporarily out of stock) for when you want to invite a sexy co-ed back to your back to see your “etchings.”

my own creation, Herr Lip (you know, in German, Herr Lip means Mister Lip) works in a pinch if you’re attending a fancy party or want to make a big pizza pie. just dig out some black construction paper, popsicle sticks, and some glue.

if you’d rather keep your appreciation for fine facial hair away from your own face, Shawnimals has a couple of plush ‘staches. or pick up a few pins from Moustache Factory. one might be quick to think that these robot pins would be my favourite, but it’s really the bunny.

speaking of robots with facial hair. i stumbled on this guy a few years ago and have been casually following him through livejournal. he used to draw and post robot illustrations each day, but has moved beyond robots (as we all do at some point, right?) to other fun illustration subjects.


3 thoughts on “katharine hearts moustaches

  1. I believe I’m harboring love for Mr. Kidney Bean or something…..with moustache.

    He needs to come and live in my front pocket.

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