katharine has food obsessions

i am a natural born pessimist and very little in life actually delights me. aside from my partner/boyfriend/housemate/fella, our cats, and argyle, food is my escape from disappointment and stress. anyone in my trapezoid of friends knows that i’m prone to designating certain foods as my best friends. this probably upsets those humans who believe they should hold that status. since the Big Move, i’ve lost touch with most of my food friends. peppermint ice cream eludes me in the winter holidays, there are no Sweet Tomatoes or Mimi’s Cafes in the vicinity to satisfy muffin/lava cake/bread pudding cravings. and i haven’t been able to find Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk in almost two years. i have found reasonable substitutes but it’s just not the same. my mouth is lonely.

i am intrigued by this Krispy Kreme bread pudding, but it would surely send me straight into a diabetic coma. well, i could use the rest.


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