katharine hearts the ipod touch

i’m a little late to the iphone/ipod touch party. that happens sometimes. i didn’t switch from tapes to CDs until 10 years ago (but i glommed onto MP3s almost instantly). but now i’m here and waving my Apple flag proudly.

i love that the iTouch (dirty and wrong! i don’t care!) can replace my PDA, laptop, and iPod shuffle.  and i’m addicted to downloading applications.

on a recent tour of a local ad agency, we were given a little presentation on the importance of interactive media in design and advertising. and how the iPhone (and similar gadgets) opens up the possibilities. supposedly we’ll have the capability to scan a bar code on an ad, go directly to the company site, find the item in the ad, order it, and find the nearest location to go pick it up. you can buy a car while waiting in the transit shelter for the bus! hooray for the future! it’s no jet pack, but it’ll do.

with the iTouch, i’ve been downloading video podcasts to watch on my commutes and apps to keep me occupied otherwise. the downer is that a lot of the apps are wifi-dependent. no wifi, no access. but when there is wifi available, it’s so handy to settle bar bets and to satisfy those stream of consciousness ponderances, like what Isaac from The Love Boat worked on in the ’90s. it has not, however, helped me when my partner starts humming the harmony of a song and asks me to name it or when he’s trying to remember the name of that actor who isn’t handsome and often plays the best friend and may or may not have had a mustache at some point. he was in that movie with that awful woman that my partner doesn’t like but continues to get cast in things. so, i still need a device to help me with that. or Art Garfunkel.


One thought on “katharine hearts the ipod touch

  1. Ahh… Nice to see you back at it Katharine – but I must ask how it is that it is only now that you are noticing bad typography and kerning. I wake up in a cold sweat at least once a week from bad type design! [OK, that’s a blatant lie]

    I am pretty jealous of your new ipod. I am waiting it out. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. My old ipod is dead. Kaput. Finito. For now I will live vicariously through you.


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