katharine hearts typography

i have had a typographical awakening. sometime between mid-may and now, i’ve started noticing typography (and bad kerning) everywhere. as much as i say “that typeface is a friend to my eyes,” i am pointing out the tired and overused. my new hobby to point and shout “Copperplate!” is one that is trying my partner’s nerves.

unfortunately, my pocketbook does not afford me the opportunity to stock up on typefaces with which i am smitten. the best that i can do is pore over type catalogs the way most girls do with bridal magazines. some girls want Vera Wang gowns, i want Hoefler & Frere-Jones typefaces.

i subscribe to a typography podcast, though i haven’t been able to listen to much beyond the first half of H+F-J’s interview. design podcasts are a bit of a downer when they’re audio instead of video.

one of my design instructors liked to throw out names of key people in the design industry to test our knowledge. most of them were met with blank stares and silence. but i looked one of them up (well, more than one as you’ll learn later) and found Lou Dorfsman’s GastroTypographicalAssemblage. i borrowed some inspiration from the installation for my final typography project. i’m hoping to see the wall after it’s reconstruction by Atlanta’s Center for Design Study. mayhaps a trip that might also be combined with a tour of the microcar museum.

on my last trip to Atlanta in August, i saw the Jonathan Adler line of products at Barnes & Noble. i couldn’t resist the umbrella.

for my readers out there who aren’t design aficionados, please stop using comic sans. it makes puppies cry.


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