“katharine miller”

look, i spend a lot of time on the internet. if i’m not sleeping or commuting or running errands, i’m on the internet.

if you type my name into Google (provided you spell it correctly or Cmd+C/Cmd-V the title of this post), i am the first four results. i don’t know how this is possible. this is through no web-magic or specialized SEO on my part. i am spectacularly unpopular in real life. i only have 16 followers on Twitter and half of them may be ‘bots.

my name is a fairly common name, even as k-a-t-h-a-r-i-n-e. it is not rare and exotic like Obba Babatundé. i am not famous or well-known or particularly accomplished. so, what gives internet? what sets me apart from all the other Katharine Millers in the world? can it be that i’m the most web-savvy? i’ve had web presence the longest? maybe one of my stalkers works for Google?

if you know the answer, feel free to share. knowing how i got to the stop of the list may help me manage my personal brand in the future (and whether blog entries about costumes involving dropped undergarments boost or hinder my popularity).