katharine hearts design blogs

a lot of my time can be frittered away by looking at various design blogs. if you are newly underemployed and/or have the luxury of spare time, perhaps you’d like to join me:

Swiss Miss: rarely is there a link on this blog that i don’t follow. most of the things Ms. Eisenberg posts are things i wish i’d found first or wind up sharing with others.

Dyna Moe’s Illustrated Mad Men Flickr set. Not a blog. Sometimes better than a screen capture and my second choice for artwork i’d like to live in (first choice is a Shag painting).

Flickrdesign is a nice resource that compiles some of the more interesting posters and graphics that are housed on Flickr. if you’re looking for design inspiration, it’s a nice page to bookmark.

Spacesick: i don’t frequent this one as much, but when i do, i occasionally find something to add to my own inspiration folder. the “I Can Read Movies” series is one of my favourite finds in recent months.

on the other end of the spectrum is Your Logo Makes Me Barf, which is a nice boost for my own ego. after looking at all the amazing work being created, it’s kind of nice to know there’s still bad design in the world that makes my work look a little better.


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