katharine has a minor success


Taking a short breather from the onslaught on failures to reflect on my recent success. A few weeks ago I made my book, The Curable Romantic digitally available for the masses. It pleases me to announce that the book is now available in print via Amazon. I’m officially joining the ranks of the self-published and working diligently to legitimize the process.

The publishing world is evolving. Writers and readers are able to interact more freely than ever before. We can release creative content without interference of the publishers who can reject projects based on their own needs or the perceived needs of a choice target demographic. That does mean more crap can take up valuable shelf space and bandwidth. But let’s be honest, even with the middle-man, a whole lot of crap gets the green light.

Anyone can write a book. Now anyone can print a book. Can anyone sell a book? The Curable Romantic is a funny little book that has a chance to find the right audience, if I can market it well. In the coming months, I plan to make the effort to connect with potential readers, to tiptoe out of my comfort zone and do what’s within my power (and budget) to make this project a success.

If you’d like to follow along with the progress, please join The Curable Romantic Facebook group. Celebrate the tiny successes with me.


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