Katharine hearts Robot of Leisure

Last month, I completed the first of six stories for my new graphic novel project Robot of Leisure. I’ve taken a character I created in the early aughts and developed a story and history for him. I’m hoping this project has legs and that we can take it farther than just a few stories and some crafts I sell on Etsy. The first story is available for free viewing online via Issuu.

Like The Curable Romantic, the entire project has been a solo undertaking (which reeks of pretentious control freak egotism but it’s really a way to keep all those design-y skills sharp and to learn new things so I don’t become a 31-year-old techno-dinosaur). So, from illustration to design to creation of promo videos—I take the blame for it all. It isn’t perfect and it may not be to everyone’s taste. I’m having a great time creating this new world and finding new situations for Boris. The second story promises to be much more fun than the first, with lots of costumes and action and robot silliness.

If you like it, go ahead and forward it like it’s viral.


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