katharine doesn’t heart blogging (apparently)

I cannot blog without purpose. And thanks to Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook, I can share silly links and pictures and bon mots quicker, without the pressure of adding commentary.

Since my 30Fail project is over, I’m contemplating new uses for this blog. It can’t all be underpants and eyepatches (the most popular of my blog entries to date are my Art Frahm Halloween costume from a few years ago and my thoughts about the Hathaway shirt advertising campaigns). As you may be aware, I made a couple of books over the past two years. I may share with you the process and experiences I’ve encountered in creating and promoting books. It is nearly impossible to be a recluse in the age of social networking and new media.

I’m currently rebuilding my WHiRR empire with a new graphic novel series and new products (as well as shoveling out the old products collecting dust in my basement). If you like robots wearing silly hats, you are going to be thrilled.


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