katharine hearts writing for other blogs

Things have been busy. There was a book fair. Then there was a big road trip. Then I was sick for a few weeks. Then I was finishing a book. Then I signed up for a card swap. Then there was another book fair. And there’s another trip coming up in mere days. Blog updating falls behind updating my Tumblr and Twitter. Those things are easier because they require less thought. And, really, who likes thinking? Oh, wait.

If you’ve read all my books and blog posts here and still require more from me, I’ve also contributed some things to Ultra Swank, a blog dedicated to my most favourite era. I hope they let me contribute more.

I’m looking forward to cozying up indoors over winter and catching up on blogging, crafting, writing, and self promotion. Okay, I don’t look forward to self promotion. It always makes me feel sleazy, I feel like I’m alienating people who might otherwise tolerate me, and it probably doesn’t work.

But while I’ve got you here, maybe you look at my new book trailer for Boris Makes a Friend. If nothing else, it may spark your new love of Warren Kime and Brass Impact.