katharine takes a moment for self-promotion

When I’m not pushing myself to write essays or draw robots, I’m busy adding my books to the internet and making them available to purchase, read, and review.

I am pleased to find my efforts have resulted in my POD (print on demand, for the uninitiated) books being available via Amazon.com. The ebooks for Kindle are available through Amazon.com and Amazon UK. See my author page for details.

The ebooks should also show up in your favourite ebook retailer in the coming weeks. Or you can go through Smashwords and collect the whole set.

The free online previews are still up on The Curable Romantic and Robot of Leisure. And 30 Failures by Age 30 still exists in blog format. Read. Enjoy. Buy a copy. Tell your friends. Rinse.  Repeat.

Have you read The Curable Romantic and the first two installments of Robot of Leisure? Did you skim through most of my 30 Failures? Maybe you’d like to tell the internet about your experience. I’ve found most of the book reviewing sites recognize my books. If you’re one of those types who loves to share opinions with anonymous strangers, feel free to share your thoughts on my books. (Don’t go out of your way. If you’re not already a member of one of these sites, I’m not going to insist you sign up for yet another online service.)

Book sites (conveniently pre-searched for my name/books):



You can also post reviews on Amazon.

What would we do without the internet?


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