Boggled – exercise #1

(My very first stream of consciousness writing exercise using found words in Boggle, the three-minute word find game. It could be awful. It could have potential. It could be so embarrassing I remove it from the blog immediately. After the first sentence, I realized it would be impossible to use found words only.)

Two tots plot to stop a heist at the pier. The first tot spots the men planning to shift tin. Tot two spies the men’s hens, shapely ladies man the getaway van, waiting for the heist to begin. One hen opts for zen while her friend opts to pine for her man.

As the men hit their mark, the ships dock. Man one and man two spin their plan into action. Manuel and Manfred take post behind the main ship. Faceless drones unload the hot lot of pots. The lovely ladies hop from the van to distract the drones. With a wiggle of their hips and jiggle of their tops, the ladies entrance the drones with their womanly wiles. Our men swiftly snatch up the lot and scurry to the getaway van. As the drones begin to get fresh with the flesh the men employed for distraction, the tots emerge from their pits and land a few hits on the spit.

The cop with the tip from the tots of the heist of hot pots arrives on the scene just in time. With a deft swing of his fist, he takes out the faceless fondlers. The hens run to the men and the cop follows the flesh-baring fiends. As the men start to give the slip to the hens and the close behind cop, the tots set a trap for a trip. They tie a rope ‘tween two posts and pin the men to the ground. The hens quickly confess to their role in the mess and the cop handles the rest. After foiling the heist at the pier, the two tots have a fest with soda and pie. The end.

The word list:
(Crossed out words were not used in the exercise)

tots               stops               post
pots              tops                 spots
spits             hips                 ships
her                rest                  fest
his                pin                   pine
men              pies                 ties
tier               pier                 opts
sops              sin                  tin
zen               hen                 heist
tips               pits                 spin
fresh            sips                 hits
sits               posh


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