Boggled – exercise #2

SLUT. All caps on the stall wall in the third floor ladies’ washroom. The sound of the word roared in her head like military jets. It wasn’t her fault. Teen lust and jealousy always leads to slinging slurs. Joe was nuts for his doe-eyed doll and wanted to spread the word of his life-changing love. He couldn’t have imagined the damage it would do to Sue’s reputation. Tales of his prior romantic dalliances feed the teen gossip machine. They couldn’t know that this was different. This was a love song with a new tune.

Sue stared at her feet when Joe approached her. Joe grabbed her hands, told her to ignore the inane blather of the ignorant. She met his eye line, shook her head, and walked away. Sue’s number one fan spent weeks trying to woo her back but his efforts were for nil. To live down the slur, Sue spent the rest of her high school career in a nun-like existence.

Two weeks after graduation, Joe makes one final attempt to reconnect with his true love. With one stunning demonstration of ardor, Sue drops her armor. Joe’s doe-eyed girl and Sue’s number one fan kiss as the music swells.

The word list:
slut               jets               just
lust               inane           line
joe                doe               feed
feet               fan               sue
juts               tune             stun
nuts              fault            teen


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