Boggled – exercise #3

to the word lord

some work with wood, others with wool. his tools are adverbs, adjectives and nouns. his stories told to tots in their beds. his wit is a hit with twits young and old. his quotables quoted, his notables noted. the word lord spins yarns of metaphors and the metaphysical.
tongues twist tales of two-toed toads tied to tooting tit-willows. tow-headed tots tooted their loot—a rod, a kite, and a flute. who can forget when the bee lost a bet with a beet? critics don’t miss a beat. scholars try to make sense of his nonsense, dig deep for depth, searching for soul in the soulless.
the word lord advises the inadvisable. woes will wane with the rain. don’t hide from the tide, take root in the sand and let life wash over you, calmly.

some words will erode, fade from collective consciousness. new wordsmiths will trot out their modern wit. the word lord’s reign is short-lived but long recalled.

The word list:
rode               rod               two
tow                tool               wool
wood             told               old
bed                bet                 bee
beet               tie                  kite
drool             woe               toed
tit                   wit                twit
hit                  with              tee
lode                loot              toot
door               lord              word
trot                 tide               tied
ode                 hide              tot
rot                  tooted          rooted


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