Boggled – exercise #4

She was known as the Tease of the Seabreeze. The million-dollar mermaid of the community pool—elusive, graceful, alluring and bashful. Hers was an underwater ballet while others danced the aquatic watusi. Tens of teens gathered by the edge to glimpse the enchantress. Her presence made men tense and women ill at ease. From morning ’til dusk the bathing beauty remained immersed in the communal waters of questionable content. Loungers jokes about the ratio of water to chlorine to piss. Still, our miss could not be dissuaded. As tots waded and boys splashed, she glided through the liquid glass, oblivious.

On rare occasions, she emerged for oxygen and sustenance. Hypnotized boys hounded her, hoping to net her, hoping her mermaid moves translated to dry land. She resisted. One fellow took a risk to steal a kiss and she knocked him flat on his ass. In water, she floated like a butterfly. On land, she stung like a bee.

She was eventually seen as an asset to the captivated community. As news spread of her backstroke and synchronized motions in this imitation ocean, visitors arrived from far and wide to see the lady of the not-quite-a-lake.

Summer was over only when the water got too cold for her. Summer was over for good the day she left town. No one knew her name. No one knew her origins. Spectators speculated that she might turn pro. Whisper-prone rumor-mongers suggested the breaststroke Betty finally succumbed to princely pursuits and moved east. Summer months slipped away. Disappointed observers drifted to other destinations. Pool attendance nose dived with the main attraction’s disappearance. No more splashes, no more kick boards, no more inner tubes.

The pool became a pit. A haven for families became a hangout for skaters and stoners. The Tease of the Seabreeze became simply a memory.

The word list:
rot                 trip                rip
pit                 tip                  rites
tees               sees               sea
ease               kites             risk
pro                east               nets
tens               tense            tease
ass                 kiss               piss
ties                teens            seen
nest               asset


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