katharine likes to make things: pouches

Oh, technology. It gives us such wonderful shiny devices. Wonderful, shiny, breakable, easily misplaced, dirty, smudgy, germ-laden, ghastly devices of unnecessary burden. I love them so!

The trouble with these devices is they need protection from various elements. Which means shopping for cases, covers, pouches, and bags. Manufacturers rarely ever have colours and patterns to my liking. Often I wind up compromising my own taste for whatever’s available in my price bracket that doesn’t actively offend me. Or I make my own.

I’ve never had cases for my cell phones or cameras. They usually rattle around loosely in my purse du jour or get shoved into the built-in pockets of said purse. My ancient laptops have nondescript neoprene cases from which they rarely emerge. My iPod Touch has gone through several manufactured cases and one Kat-factured pouch.

For a couple of years, Dudley traveled around with me in this envelope pouch inspired by VintageCoquette. Using felt I had on hand, I stitched this together and added a back pocket to hold my ear buds. I really like the pouch but this eco-felt pills up in a hurry. And the snap eventually busted (shoddy American craftsmanship, pfui). So for a while, Dudley’s been riding around in a teal Umbra bungee case that does nothing to protect the screen and gives me no place to store ear buds.

Along came the iPad II. We fashioned Peter (Yes. I’ve named my devices Pete & Dud.) with the fancy magical magnetic folding cover. But that does nothing to protect that lovely little camera lens on the back of the device (not to mention that the foldy parts leaves smudgy streaks on the screen). I needed a house for Pete that would give a little barrier between him and the scratchy and/or liquid-y things that also go along on my travels. I turned to my stash for the right materials.

What I came up with was a fabric case with felt lining, forgoing the nifty neoprene. The outer fabric used to be a tea towel (from part of a set I picked up for less than $3 at a home decor store in Stratford, ON). From one tea towel I made three pouches with some material to spare. So now my iPad II (Pete), my iPod Touch (Dud), and my camera (Clicky McSnapshot) have new homes.

The lining is light blue felt that I’ve had on hand forever. I left the tops of the felt lining unattached so I could have some pockets inside the pouches for cord storage. There’s enough wiggle room in Pete’s pouch to add some padding if the need arises.

The buttons closures are new additions. Again, the stash serves its purpose. The black elastics are hair elastics that I found ineffective for use with my own hair. I’ve been looking for a way to reuse them.

Whether these turn out to be impractical or dysfunctional remains to be seen. For now, it’s nice to have a matching set of cases for my most frequently used devices. (My cell phone is widely-traveled but rarely used and five years old. He’s held up pretty well and seems content to ride around in the pockets built into my bags and purses. No, I didn’t name the cell phone.)

Bonus craft/upcycle project: Perhaps you noticed my ear buds’ snuggly little home. You’ll never guess the materials. Give up? The tops cut off a rarely worn pair of argyle flip flops and two uncovered 1″ buttons. The argyle fabric bit is from one shoe, snipped in half and stitched up the sides. The cord gets threaded through the centre and wound around the outside. Tangle-free and attractive!


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