katharine sucks at participating on the internet

I’ve been busy. I’ve been sick. I’ve been overwhelmed by the giant task list I made for myself six months ago and mildly depressed by the job market, book sales, social engagements, and crumbling homestead. So what happens most of the time is that I spent great gobs of time passively reading the internet. Refresh Facebook. Refresh Tumblr. See something worth reblogging on Tumblr. Scroll through Twitter. Rinse. Repeat. It’s an effort to come up with original tweets and status updates that don’t sound too whiny or needy or spammy (in those moments that I feel compelled to remind everyone I know about all the stuff I’ve made and put on the internet). Blogging falls waaaaaaaaaaaay down the list. Writing is hindered by the amount of research necessary to pen a thoughtful and well-informed article. What’s that? We don’t have to be thoughtful and well-informed anymore? How about funny? Does bitter snark count?

I must get better. Better at time management. Better at self-promotion. Better at contributing to the conversations going on around me. Better from whatever mysterious ailment has plagued me for three months. I’m hoping for Lurgi but would settle for Spon Plague (which can be cured by long underpants).

I have books and crafts to sell you. I have other crafty projects to show you. I have to turn you onto William Powell and Spike Milligan and John Kendrick Bangs. All in good time, I suppose. Until then, I’ve got to see what’s what on Google+.


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