30 Failures by Age 30 update

You might remember a little project I undertook a couple of years ago about still being socially awkward at the old age of 30. Well, I went and I book-ified it for you. Now it’s available all over the internet in digital format and at ye olde Amazon in paperback.  Don’t you want to see how it looks all polished up? Wouldn’t you like to admire my typesetting abilities? How can you resist?!

To celebrate, I made a video for you. (Okay, I made the video two and a half months ago and I’m just now posting it here. I did post it everywhere else on the internet, so I don’t know how you missed it.)

Get all the pertinent information about purchasing and downloading from the pertinent information page.

I’ve exported all the original 30 Failures to its own blog. You can still read it all for free online. And then feel free to comment on the entries, do all the link/ping-backs, write a review on your own blog or at Amazon/Smashwords/iBooks, etc. Every little bit helps spread the word to deliver this to the eyes of every lady who’s ever been made to feel like a freak for not fitting in or standing out quite enough.


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