katharine sells some stuff

It’s holiday shopping time! Groan all you want about the trees and the Santas and the whole “too soon”-ness of it all. But is it really too soon to start thinking about the gift-giving season? Is it too soon for late-night Etsy searches for awesome presents for the people you love? Is it too soon to place those orders to ensure that you’ll receive said awesome presents in time for wrapping? Do you really want to wait until the week before your gift-giving occasion only to wind up with another basket of apple-berry lotions that your loved one will never ever use?

Allow me to be of service. As you may be all too well aware, I’ve published some books. Some of them are funny. Some of them are picture books of robots doing things you’re not quite sure you understand.

Are you aware that I’ve made other, non-book things? Behold!

I’ve got an Etsy store full of monsters right now! I’ll be loading it up with other fanciful items from my growing pile of handmade objects. Visit Peppermint Robot Surprise to adopt your very own monster plushie.

Robot of Leisure fans can visit the official Etsy shop for holiday cards and this limited edition book bundle. Again, more goodies to be added throughout the month.

What do you mean, “What books?”?!

I’ve solved all your holiday shopping woes! And you didn’t have to endure endless Christmas crooning or crazy Black Friday line-ups. Hooray! If you’ll excuse me, I need to go shower off this shameless self-promotion grime. Ooh, apple-berry exfoliating soap!


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